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Homepage for the "Fighting 1st", recruiting for the new and seasoned soldier (dismounted and mounted) and civilian and Living History re-enactor.

 Company A:  Dismounted  Southern California
 Company C:  Dismounted  Arizona-Provencial
 Company F:  Mounted  Southern California
 Company G:  Dismounted  Europe - Germany 
 Company H:  Dismounted  North Carolina
 Company I:  Mounted  North Carolina

1st NC Civilians - Southern California

1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment is the home of

D&N Mercantile, a Sutlery

Headquartered at Follows Camp, Azusa
Home to War Between the States Historical Association (WBSHA)


Re-enactors for:
The 6th & 2nd Regiment
of United States Cavalry




1st NC Cavalry - Historical Perspective
General Barringer and the 1st NC Cavalry
1st North Carolina Cavalry Statistics
6th U.S. Cavalry Regimental History 
2nd U.S. Cavalry Regimental History
Origins of the term "Tarheels"
1st North Carolina Cavalry Flag Found!!!
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The Regimental Dispatch - Sample Newsletter
Photographs (Then and Now)
Recruitment Station: Dues and Membership
Why We Galvanize
In Memorium 
Basic Items at the Best Price
The Yesteryears Dancers
Women Combatants/Reenactors
Our Civilian Re-enactors
Regimental Surgeon and Field Hospital 
Follow's Camp, A New Civil War Adventure in Azusa
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Student Outreach & Education Program
Film Credits
Re-enactor Foreign Exchange Program
Civil War Dreams-A Historical Excursion Program



First North Carolina Confederate Cavalry
- Song written/composed/recorded by Trpr. Ron Hargrave
Civil War Cartoons: By 1st Sgt. Gary Edmisten 
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The 1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment/6th and 2nd United States Cavalry Regiment is a Civil War Reenactment Organization of men, women and children who are dedicated to reenacting, in a historically accurate manner, the "American Civil War".   These Regiments were two of the most renowned fighting units of the American Civil War. Our historical organization was formed for the purpose of honoringthese brave men and women who gave their lives in this terrible struggle. To give memory to them is to honor them.

Our members portray dismounted and mounted horse-soldiers, civilians, hospital personnel, non-combatants, merchants, musicians, etc.  The list is as endless as one's imagination.  Southern California presently has one full company of dismounted horse-soldiers (Company A) and one company of mounted (Company F).   Company A portrays the 6th U.S. Cavalry as galvanized troops.  We are headquartered and perform at Follows Camp, in Azusa, California.

In addition, we are raising one company of cavalry (Company C) in Arizona.  We have two active Companies (Company H [dismounted] and Company I [mounted]) in our native state of North Carolina.  Moreover, Company H portrays the 2nd U.S. Cavalry Regiment as galvanized troops.

Equally important, we are very proud to annouce that the Regiment is now an international organization with the creation of a new company of dismounted troops (Company G) in Europe.

The activities of our organization include recreating Civil War battles, establishing period military encampments, and providing living history demonstrations (e.g. field maneuvers, in-place drill, schooling of the soldier). Our Civil War reenactors portray with sharp authenticity, the uniforming, personality and manners of the War's soldiers, and the life of civilians in camp such as nurses, camp followers and wives and children of soldiers.

In addition, we provide a wide-range of services including participation in local parades, school events, local, state and federal government commemorative events, private parties, etc. Equally important, we have ties with and provide services to the motion picture and television industry. And we have close ties with other reenactment groups including the Yesteryear Dancers (an 1860-1890 dance troupe), and Mr./Mrs. Don Ancell, impersonating President Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln.

The observer/visitor to these presentations can step back in time to circa 1863 and witness the same experiences of the soldiers of the Union Army of the Potomac and/or the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. The public experiences, as did these soldiers of Blue and Gray, the mounting fear, suspense, and agony of the battlefield. Spectators hear as they did, the deafening sounds of musket fire, the clash of sabers, the call of buglers, and the cries of battle. All this may be observed through the hovering white smoke. The flags and banners wave as troops march and ride into battle. Over the sights and sounds of battle, there is the ever present smell of spent gun powder.

Between battle reenactments, the public can tour our field garrison or encampment and observe our living history provided by our civilians and soldiers. Experience the authentic camp life in an atmosphere portrayed with various items of equipment from the Civil War era. All this may be seen while soldiers and civilians, and women and children alike, stand by showing how it was for our ancestors of the 1860's.

Our Living Historians are dedicated to preserving our American Heritage. Our Civil War Program commemorates the memory of those brave men and women of this period of monumental events that helped shape America's marvelous historical heritage. If you wish to join our organization or wish more information on our services please fill out the form in our Guest Book, or you can call (805) 288-1515 or you can e-mail us at FirstNCcav@mindspring.com.

Cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them,
Cannon in front of them, volleyed and thundered,
Stoned at with shot and shell, boldly they rode
and well into the jaws of death, into the mouth of hell, Rode the men of the Fighting 1st.





Lt. William Brooke of the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry recalled the infamous charge by 1,500 Confederate cavalrymen that hot day on July 3, 1863. It was "in close columns of squadrons, advancing as if in review, with sabers drawn and glistening like silver in the bright sunlight, the spectacle called forth a murmur of admiration. It was indeed a memorable one." With a rebel yell, the gallant men of the 1st NC Cavalry and seven other regiments rode their horses to the front of the enemy and charged headlong into artillery fire and the 400 cavalrymen of the 1st Michigan ...and into history. As they closed on the enemy they were hit by carbine and artillery fire, front and flank. Horse after horse crashed to the ground. Yet onward and onward rode the men of the "Fighting First". Forever may their glory be told. It was a scene reminiscent of Balaklava nine years earlier.... except on a grander scale.


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