in Azusa, California
 A New Civil War Program Experience

Experience American History at this rustic location!  Follow’s Camp will be transformed into camps of the North and South, where you can meet the soldiers and see how they lived, see small arms, artillery, mounted cavalry demonstrations, fortifications, and witness authentic battle reenactments.  Activities and battles through the weekend.

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 The War Between The States Historical Association (WBSHA)  and Major Dave Acevedo Pitre, Commander of the 1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment have been working with Joe Davison, owner and operator of Follow’s Camp to set up this new location for re-enacting on a grand scale.  Mr. Davison has agreed to support a monthly event at the camp.  He has put up front money to help build various facades such as fences, earth works, trenches and other types of fortifications.  As this event grows the re-enactors will be able to expand these facades.  We will be holding work parties from time to time to help construct and develop the camp.
To get to Follow’s Camp, take the 210 Fwy. exit at Azusa Ave. (Hwy. 39), head north.  Follow Azusa Ave to San Gabriel Canyon Rd. continue meandering north for about 15 minutes until you get to East Fork Rd. Turn right and continue on East Fork Rd for about four miles to Follow’s Camp entrance.  Please note that Follows Camp is 20 minutes from the freeway and is at a 1, 500 foot elevation.
The schedule of events will be two battles on Saturday and two on Sunday,  with the season commencing in February of each year.  These re-enacting events will be held on the first weekend of each month unless a holiday occurs on the first weekend (e.g. Easter Weekend in April, Labor Day Weekend in September, etc.).
This rustic camp has many amenities not found at other re-enactment’s such as fishing, Gold panning, swimming, hiking, clean rest-rooms, hot showers, a shooting range, a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, BBQ Grill Service (provided by the site’s Fire Department), trailer hookups, rustic campgrounds with tent and R.V. sites, a bar and billiard room, ice, wood, groceries, and chapel service.   Above all, the camp is re-enactor friendly.
Property owners have agreed to pay a powder re-imbursement for all artillery units.    Horses are welcomed but owners must provide own hay.
Horses are welcomed and encouraged.  Horse trails available.  Coral is being built and will open later this year.  Must bring own hay.  Water is readily available.
Yesteryears Dancers is a semi-professional troupe of costumed ladies and gentlemen, that recreate
       authentic dances of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.  This fine period dance troupe will be part of our entertainment and will perform several dances for the public in between battle re-enactments.
Union and Confederate encampments will designated by posted signs.  Non-period personnel (hobo-camping) and RVs must reserve a camp space ahead of time by calling the toll free number 800-642-7500.
All re-enactors are to use the front entrance to enter and unload. There will be signs directing you to your respective areas. All re-enactors are to use the rear gate (located adjacent to the maintenance yard) to exit the camp.  Encampment will commence on Friday. Gates close at 11:00 p.m. Gates re-open on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Encampment will be closed to all vehicular traffic by 9:00 a.m.
Parking.   There is a designated area for re-enactor’s parking of personal vehicles (a clearing adjacent to the Chapel, across Chapel Bridge (the third bridge on the left) .  Trailers are to be parked in the maintenance yard (found adjacent to the rear gate).
Re-enactors are to use the front entrance to sign release forms and/or to sign membership forms and/or day passes.
There will be sutlers on site, at the amphitheater.   All re-enactors have been asked by our local sutlers to submit any  special orders or request ahead of time so that it will be ready for you when you arrive.  Sutlers would be charged a flat fee of $50.00 and can sell to the public.  This location can easily support 5-10 sutlers per event.
Wood and water is available.  Water at the spikits (located throughout the camp) is cleaner and purer than most city waters and was approved by the county. Above ground campfires are permitted.
 The amphitheater and stage is open to us for a Saturday evening of entertainment.   All musicians, vocalist, and poets are welcome to join us in providing an impromptu night of music and dancing.

At this time, we have selected two battle locations at the camp.  With a little thought we will be able to develop many different scenarios.  We will not be restricted to what can be done on the field like at some State Parks.   Fortification s include facades such as break away fences, earth works, trenches, chevel-de-fries, and other types of fortifications.
A gate fee of $3.00 to $5.00 will be charge for the public and a $5.00 fee will be charged for non WBSHA members for the weekend.


             12;00 Camp Gate Open to All Re-enactors
             08;00  Camp Gate Re-Opens to All Re-enactors
             11;00  Camp officially open to public for living history. Officers meeting for all company
                      commanders at Chapel Bridge.
             11:15  Officers Call at Chapel Bridge
             11:30  Brigade formation and Inspection of Arms at Chapel Bridge
             12:00  First Battle
             12:45  Officers Call at Chapel Bridge - Battle Critique
             01:00  Dinner
            02:00  Officers Call at Chapel Bridge
             02:15  Brigade Formation at Chapel Bridge
             02:30  Second Battle
             03:15  Officers Call at Chapel Bridge - Battle Critique
             03:30  Living History, Company Drill, Artillery, & Mounted Cavalry Demonstrations
             05:00  Camps closed to public
             06:00  Follow’s Camp Supper  $ 3.95 per. Person
             07:00  Dance - Minstrel Show
             10:00  Tattoo All quite in camp
             06:30  Reveille
             07:30  Company Formation - Roll Call & Company Drill
             08:00  Breakfast
             09:00  Camps open to public  Living History & Company Drill
            10:45  Chapel - Religious Service
            11:30  Officers Call at Chapel Bridge
            11:45  Brigade Formation at Chapel Bridge - Inspection of Arms. Company Morning Reports
            12: 00 First Battle
            12:45  Officers Call at Chapel Bridge - Battle Critique
            01:00  Dinner.   Also Living History, Company Drill and Mounted Cavalry
             02:00  Officers Call at Chapel Bridge
             02:15  Brigade formation
             02:30  Second Battle
             03:00  Officers Call at Chapel Bridge - Battle Critique
             03:15  Living History
             04:00  Strike Camps

Note: Living history will be ongoing throughout the day. Specific times for demonstration (e.g. Artillery, cavalry, etc.) as noted. Battlefield location will be determined at officers Call.
 Orders of the day may be modified at the convenience of the Brigade Staff.

                                                   Question & Answer Statement

Aside from the many amenities (noted below), Follow's Camp is in a centralized area (the Los Angeles metropolitan area), has many forms of  fortifications (trenches, barricades, break-away fences, chevel-de-frise, etc.), and it has not one, but two battle sites which includes an active river and two large ponds, allowing for many kinds of battle scenarios.   Many of the recent questions generated by our highly successful open house event of last weekend are noted below:

QUESTION:  Does WBSHA have liability insurance?
 ANSWER:     Yes.  WBSHA's  insurance policy coverage includes accidents involving a re-enactor's horse, weapon or person  and the spectator/public.  This coverage takes place  during the two day event (Saturday and Sunday - See below for the REVISED Orders of the Day).

It should be noted that WBSHA's insurance liability coverage during the two day event does not cover livestock.   For example, if a horse is damaged or injured the insurance policy will not cover the damage.  That includes chickens, dogs, and other animals.  If you have a pet chicken we suggest you keep it at home for obvious reasons.

QUESTION: Has WBSHA obtained tax-exempt status?
ANSWER:  Yes.  WBSHA has been granted it's Section 504 tax-exempt, non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service (reference number: 95-4607991).    Your membership dues and operating expenses are fully deductible on your 1040, under contributions to a non-profit organization.

QUESTION:  Will there be Sutlers, Artillery and Mounted?
ANSWER:  Yes, and we will have a least three pieces of artillery and one to three Sutlers.
 D&N Sutlery has made a special request and is asking all re-enactors to call in orders and request ahead of time.

NOTE:  We are asking all re-enactors who plan to participate to donate at least $1.00 to the Small Sutler's Fund to subsidize the Sutler's fee of $50.00.   This donation is particularly important to the small (low budget, low volume) sutlers who specialize in certain goods and wares and must travel long distances to service the re-enactor.

QUESTION:  Will the mounted be able to draw and use sabers during battle re-enactments?
ANSWER:  Yes.  Moreover, our mounted will no longer be limited  to having to enter the battle before the main battle.  They will be an integral part of the main battle, performing in close proximity to the infantry and artillery (with safety in mind of course).

QUESTION:  Can we issue and enforce "evening passes" to the rank and file when they wish to visit the tavern (i.e. The Fort: Follows Camp Restaurant and Bar)?
ANSWER:  We thank you for your high level of imagination and enthusiasm, but first of all, this would be a scenario that should be agreed upon by the entire brigade (the rank and file).  Enforcement by the provost marshal should not be an option due to a possible altercation with a very hot, tired and thirsty (after  hours)  re-enactor who may be about to enjoy a well deserved cold beer and can't because he/she has failed to produce a pass and must go back to camp under guard.

QUESTION: Can we use the river and ponds to swim in?
ANSWER:  Yes.  Moreover, the ponds are continuously fed with fresh cold water via conduits from the river.   Wet rocks are obviously slippery.  Great care should be taken when walking over rocks that are on the banks of, or in the river/pond.    Although we have three EMT's and a Fire Department on the premises of Follows Camp,  we don't want busted knee caps or twisted ankles, to say the least.

QUESTION:  What is the WBSHA annual membership fee?
ANSWER:   $25.00 FOR SINGLE,  $35.00 FOR FAMILY.  A courtesy copy of WBSHA's Membership Application can be downloaded (provided you have the computer software Acrobat Reader or a similar program) by visiting the WBSHA-based 1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment Website:


QUESTION:  Are RV's and non-period civilians welcomed?
ANSWER:  Yes, but you must call ahead and make reservations.  Follows Camp's toll free number is  800- 642-7500 and/or you can visit their new website and drop them a line:


QUESTION:  Will there be news coverage?
ANSWER:  Yes.  Follows Camp has a Public Relations staff, network and program that exist to promote it's other programs (see their website).  We do know that the Tribune will be covering the Sunday, 9:00 a.m. Grand Opening ceremony and the subsequent battles.

QUESTION:  Are above ground firepits allowed?
ANSWER:    Yes, but not during the fire season.  During the fire season we ask that you use charcoal.   This is a rustic environment containing dry and highly combustible chaparral vegetation (in fact this type of vegetation uses fire/heat to propagate its species) and beautiful oak trees.

QUESTION:  What of wild life?
ANSWER: We do have bears, raccoons, snakes, mountain lions,  and other wildlife that are use to being around humans and they will be looking for food.   DO NOT leave food lying about when you retire for the night.  Secure all foodstuff.

Equally important, we suggest not rambling through the surrounding vegetation for the same reason and because of the poison oak which dominates the area.   There are hiking trails in the area and if you wish to hike stick to the trails and take plenty of company with you (e.g. Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson).

The area is stock each year with trout and fishing is allowed on the premises,  however you must be ready to produce a fishing license if challenged by the local park rangers that frequently patrol the area.  Apparently you can be heavily fined ($$$$) if you are "busted".

Please adhere to all speed limits for your own safety, on-coming traffic and wild life.   Last year a local Sheriff's Motorcycle Police Officer literally slammed into a full size Buck while turning a bend in the road.   He suffered severe injuries and was hospitalized for several weeks.   The buck suffered little to no injuries.  Moreover, the highways and Follows Camp are heavily patrolled by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Lets make this a rewarding and great re-enactment experience.   Before leaving , remember to k keep the camp as clean as you found it.  Mother nature will thank you.   Hope to see you all there.



These events are co-sponsored by  Follow’s Camp and War Between The States Historical Association.

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