1st North Carolina Cavalry
Regimental Photographs

(Now and Then)

1st North Carolina Cavalry, 1861 - by Don Troiani

"The Color Sergeant"
A Tribute to The Confederate Horsemen of North Carolina
by Bob Graham.
© Copyright Bob Graham.

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(West Coast)
1st N.C.Cavalry Regiment, California 

Newhall, Battle for Saugus Station, Sept., 1998

"Yesteryears Dancers",

Major Dave Pitre and
Ms. Nancy Toussaint, A Period Dancer

Cpl. Gernot Duda, Company "G", 1st NC Cav. Regt. ,Germany (see below)

Cpl. Gernot Duda, Company "G", 1st NC Cav. Regt. ,Germany (see below)
Sgt. U. R. Ugly (aka Mike Perkins)
Sgt. U. R. Ugly
(aka Mike Perkins)

Maj. Dave Acevedo-Pitre
Charging rider
Cpl. Mike Aguirre
6th US, Newhall, CA, 1997
6th US, Newhall, CA, 1997
6th US, marching, Newhall, CA, 1997
1st NC Cav firing line
Maj. David Acevedo-Petre
Steve Kroh
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Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart

Col. Robert Ransom, Jr.

Major James B. Gordon (later Brigadier General)

Captain Rufus C. Barringer, Co.    ( later Brigadier General)

Lt. Col.  Laurence Simmons Baker (later Brigadier General)

Capt. W. H. Cheek (later Colonel)

Capt.  Alexander Boyd Andrews, Co. B

Capt. John W. Woodfin, Co. G

Capt. Jacob Allison Fisher, Co. F

Capt. William James Houston, Co. I

Lt. David C. Camp,  Co. G

Pvt.  Rufus Winfield Colvard, Co. A

Pvt.  Andrew Jackson Hardy, Co. I

Pv.t  John W.  Grisham, Co. I 

Sgt. William B. Kennedey, Co. I

Pvt.  John Lawson Wrenn
Co. G (early war)

Pvt. Joseph W. Crunkleton,   Co. K

Kingston, North Carolina

War-torn Brandy Station
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Mrs. David C. Camp

Sisters & Mother of Lt. David C. Camp, 1860

Unidentified North Carolina Women

Sylvia Connor
5 June 1863

Mary Jane Connor
5 June 1863


                              (East Coast)

1st N.C. Cavalry Regt., Co.H, No.Carolina
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(Europe) 1st N.C. Cavalry Regt., Co.G,
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 "Ist es meine Ehren und Privileg." Reenacktors die
1NC Kavallerie: Gernot Duda, Kai Klaffke, Alexander Oeschger, Ramon Duhse, Rikard Drakenlordh"
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Friends of the Regiment

John & Colin Warling,
3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Don Worth,
3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry


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